Immersion: Marketing

Language Immersion Resources for the Marketing / Advertsing / Design Industry

As you reach a more intermediate level in your language learning, it’s both helpful and encouraging to immerse yourself in content that is for first language speakers. Movies, music, reading, podcasts. As Steve Kaufman of LingQ always points out, it’s the benefit of being able to consume content you are interested in, while at the same time improving your language skills.

I am a graphic designer working in an in-house marketing department. So one of the things I sometimes read in English is online ‘magazines’ on marketing, design, advertising, tech, etc. So I decided to find the same kind of thing in my target languages.

I thought I would share my list, in case there is somebody out there who is interested in reading the same kind of content. If you are interested in doing the same thing for yourself, this is how I went about curating this content for myself:

How I organise it

  1. I found the keywords I needed on Google Translate – by translating “marketing” and “magazine”, etc… If you don’t entirely trust Google Translate for the industry of choice, you can also try looking up the industry on Wikipedia and then ‘viewing the article in another language’.
  2. I google the keywords and look at the websites that come up. I prefer ones that have an active Twitter account because then…
  3. I follow their Twitter accounts and create my own private Twitter List for this topic with all the various magazines in a variety of languages. That way, when I want to read about marketing news in a foreign language, I go to Twitter and open up that list.
  4. Once you are reading an article, ReadLang is a free add-on to your browser that allows you to click on a word for translation, and it will save your words for later review
  5. I am also, as of late, starting to look for podcasts on the apps I have (Podbean, SoundCloud) along the same topics.

Now that I have described how I came to this list, here is my Marketing Language-Immersion List:


Werben und Verkauf: @wuv  |
Internet World: @internet_world  |
Horizont: @Horizont  |


Strategies: @Strategies  |
Frenchweb: @frenchweb
CB News: @CB_News
INfluencia: @INfluencialemag
Emarketing@Emarketing_fr@Emarketing_fr  |


Havas Media Group IT: @Havas_MGIT  |
Brand News: @BrandNewsToday  | (not all articles free-to-read)
Spot and Web: @SpotandWeb  | @youmarkIT
Pubblicita Italia: @tvnmedia  |
MyMarketing.Net: @MyMarketingNet  |


PuroMarketing: @PuroMarketing  |
Merca2.0: @Merca20  | (be warned: they tweet A LOT)


Mundo do Marketing: @mundodomarketing  |
Meio & Mensagem: @meioemensagem  |


Medievärlden: @medievarlden  |


I can’t really read these much yet, but this is planning for the future I guess.

MarkeZine: @markezine_jp  |
Fluct: @fluct_pr   |

I hope to add more to this list as time goes by.