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Geek Attack: Latin on the Internet!

Have you ever wished you knew Latin?  That perhaps your education could have done with a very dull and stern man pacing up and down through a class of utterly bored students glaring down at and pretending to concentrate on an equally boring textbook? With dull repetitions of Latin verb conjugations? No? Well, you are probably right, I don’t think I would have enjoyed that either. But there’s just SOMETHING about the idea of studying Latin… I don’t know, maybe it’s the geek in me speaking.

And I can. If I want to. There is a website dedicated to providing old (and out of copyright) books for learning Latin and Ancient Greek. You can download them in PDF format. This delightfully geeky resource is

With books like “Latin for Beginners”, “Greek Grammar” and generally a great variety of resources for various levels of competency, this site is just fantastic. And the most fantastic part about this site? It has a forum, and one of the sections of the forum is dedicated to communicating in these ancient languages. Yes, this is definitely the place for me. Using the most modern technology to communicate in languages that are no longer used to communicate? Oh yes. Oh hell yes.

Okay, let’s be reasonable here for a moment. Quite frankly, these books, as I said, are old. And probably intended for the scene I described above. It’s about learning, not fun. But if you are okay with that, then Textkit is the place for you.

Now all that’s left is to begin! I have downloaded some resources from them already, and had a brief look through a beginners’ Latin book. Unfortunately, I must confine myself a bit. One cannot learn too many languages at once! Or else it simply will not get done.  But some fine day, I will get there. In the mean time, I must amuse myself in other ways:

Romani eunt dommus!