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A brief rant on Taglines.

I’ve really begun to get annoyed by some of the taglines on movie posters. Especially those that follow the formula ‘Every blank has a blank’.  This is a very sweeping, and all-encompassing statement. The poster that inspired this particular rant is for “Brothers”, though it is far from being the first in the line of ridiculous, non-sensical taglines. The offending line is “There are two sides to every family”, a barely veiled ‘every blank has a blank’.

I mean really? There are two sides to every family? Are there? Yes, family dynamics can often be quite complex. But I’m fairly certain that there are not two sides to every family. Perhaps this is just a way of making it seem like every person must be able to relate to this film, by convincing us that every family is the same. Well, the story looks good and I might watch it, but not because I think it is in anyway like my life.

I think this kind of thing began to bug me when one of those big fantasy stories (Star Wars New Trilogy I think) bore a tagline to the effect of “Every saga has a beginning”. Oh really? Well that’s news to me. What an epiphany. Yes, it is a prequel to an older story. And I think every Star Wars fan already knew that. If you don’t need the tagline, perhaps it would be better to leave it out altogether. Or at least come up with something a little more interesting.

You may be wondering how this relates to languages. Well, taglines are made up of words. And language is made up of words. Heh. Anyway, I did say my other interests may intrude upon this blog.

As to the Spanish in a Week, I gave myself another break yesterday. I am now on the final day of the week. I began to look through it earlier today, before going to the movies, and will continue later today. After that, I will need to revise the entire book, making notes on the grammar, and trying to memorise some word lists. Then, I have another book on Spanish Grammar that I intend to start. And once I start that I will continue with Italian again simultaneously.

I hear there is a challenge on the UniLang forum. I think I will have to go check it out.