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Comment Cherry Popped

primoIt happened. It finally happened. I logged in, went to my ‘dashboard’, and there it was! Rather than the usual not-very-encouraging “0 Comments” stat, there is now a “1 Comments”.

I never thought that I would get quite so excited about it. Every day I have checked, hopefully, for a comment while writing my daily blog, but I really didn’t expect anything so soon. There are thousands of blogs out there, so why would anybody see mine? It probably helped that I signed up for Nablopomo.

It was quite exciting to see my first comment. And I am so pleased if anybody finds something useful here.

Now, about the image that I have put in this blog posting, which looks like it says one degree (well, it probably does). I was searching for an image with a “1” in it, to celebrate my first comment. This one happened to be the first one I found. Most fitting actually; in Italian, this would be the way you write ‘primo’ (meaning ‘first’), in the same way that in English we would write 1st.

So, for reading, and for commenting,

Grazie mille.