I absolutely love learning different languages, and want to learn quite a few.  Being South African, I understand Afrikaans fairly well. Beyond that, I have studied two years of German and one year of French, while at university. I have started learning Italian, and am trying to teach myself Greek, all while trying to keep up my German and improve my French. I also intend to learn many more languages in the future.

Apart from language learning, I am a keen amateur photographer, and I have worked as a graphic designer. I do yoga and, every now and then, pilates.

This blog is about language mostly, but my many other loves will be given permission  to intrude every now and then.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. xmisschaosx

    Hello, just thought I’d pop by and say Hey. I also love languages and would like to learn a few more. I’m currently in the beginnings of Korean but would like to learn Welsh too as it’s my new home. I intend on travelling as much as I can so would like to acquire the languages before I set off. Someday a career in something related would be nice too.


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