Monthly Archives: June 2010

Lexiophiles – reading practice

I discovered a few interesting websites this week. The first is Lexiophiles. It is a project of I haven’t looked into enough to comment on it here. The reason I like Lexiophiles is that it has articles in a number of different languages, some of them translated either into or out of English. So in some cases, if you really don’t understand so well, you could check the English version. The articles are generally about language, culture, or countries as far as I can see. They also have interviews with various linguists, language teachers, etc, who give their advice on language learning. I find it just a generally interesting site, and being interested in the subject matter is important when practice-reading a language.

A couple of sites for practicing your reading. Firstly EuroNews. Each news piece has multiple language versions, so you can read it in English as well as in whatever language you want to practice. Another cool one – though this may just be me – is the European Space Agency portal. It helps to be interested in Space exploration. I’m sure there are plenty more multi-lingual sites out there, whatever your interests. And if you need to look up a word here and there, WordReference is a pretty good online dictionary.