Idioms and Italian Culture

Day 5 – Viernes, Friday – of Spanish in a Week provided an interesting colloquial phrase. Tengo una hambre que me muero means literally I have a hunger that is killing me. I’m dying of hunger. It could be just me that is amused by the slightly different way of phrasing this. I have to admit I find it interesting the way things are said in different languages.

I remember a little while ago I found a website with some Italian idioms and such. One that really stuck in my mind (well the English stuck apparently, and not the Italian) was a phrase meaning a person is crazy. The Italian phrase describes the person as outside like a balcony. Which I thought very descriptive and imaginative. One can imaging a person’s sanity hanging by a tenuous thread ‘on the outside’.

I have an interesting website bookmarked – Italy Revisited. I’m not sure if this is where I found that phrase. I don’t think so. But there are many interesting things on this website – Italian recipes, Italian proverbs, old photos. Basically a wonderful resource for anyone interested in Italian culture.


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