Language Resource: UniLang

The UniLang website has so much for you to look through. There are a few basic tutorials for starting to learn a language, but for the most part don’t expect to find a whole solution here. What it does have is myriad resources for helping you to learn. From various phrasebooks, to links to stories you can read.

One interesting link I just checked out today is a website that has a paragraph from The Little Prince read out in multiple languages, so you can hear what many different languages sound like.

I have found many cool resources on UniLang. One of my favourites is a phrasebook called Just Read Phrases. This is not for absolute beginners, as it helps to have a basic idea of how the grammar works before trying this. But this phrasebook consists of 200 phrases, which have been constructed especially to give you a taste of as many different words, and sentence constructions as possible. The phrases are not the usual kind of phrase book thing, an example sentence is “the storm reaches the beach”, which gives you two nouns, a verb, and the basic statement construction. Other sentences will feature different constructions. Very cool, and you learn a little more than “I would like a coffee please”, or “my name is…”.

Meanwhile, I am still trying to get through the Spanish in a Week book and am now on day 4 – Thursday, or jueves. I think this is doable. Just requires a little extra time spent on learning word lists – the worst part!!! What am I doing blogging? I should be learning this stuff!


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