Spanish in a Week: Day 3

I am back on track with the Spanish lessons. Today’s lesson was about buying things. Food, clothing, etc. What a delicious lesson, quiero el queso (cheese), las galletas (biscuits), el panicello (breadroll). Yum.

This means lists of things to commit to memory. I think I will need more revision! Perhaps I should visit for some help. This website has word lists in multiple languages for you to learn using flashcards and different ‘games’ for testing.  It does not teach you a language, but it is an aid to memory for if you are learning a language. Check it out.

It has been such a hot summer already, and it’s still only December. I hate to find out what February will bring. Already I end up with headaches half the time and no energy the rest of the time. Reading after lunch often results in a sinking of the eyes and of the resolve and a lot of the putting the learning off until later, you know, right after this little doze…

But I am proud to say I have made it through my chapter today, but only once so far. And those lists are definitely going to require more practice and memorizing.


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